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 Le Château d'être


dessiné par la classe de français AP 1997
Le Château d'être

"Maman, maman lis-moi une histoire," says Danielle. "Oui, ma chérie when you ask me in French to read you a story, I know exactly which story you want to hear," responds the mother. "Oh, maman, I love to hear the story about great great grand-mère," exclaims Danielle. "Well, come sit by me and let's go back to a long, long time ago in France," suggests the mother. Once upon a time a beautiful baby girl was born. She was as beautiful as a rose and as divine as an angel that her mother named her Rose Divine. She grew up and lived in the meadow and from her window she could look up and see the magnificent Château d'être at the top of themountain. The King and Queen Vandertrammp lived there and they had seventeen sons. Rose Divine could not imagine what it would be like to meet seventeen princes! One day Rose Divine decided to go up to the Château d'être to see all the princes coming in and out of the Château. Now the princes in the Château d'être had a reputation of always going out on dates so there was always a lot of action going on at the main entrance. Rose Divine went to the château and when she arrived at the castle door the first prince came out. He said, "Bonjour, mademoiselle, did you come just to see me like all the other girls do in the kingdom?" Rose Divine timidly shook her head no because she thought he was too conceited. She continued past him and she entered the château. A second prince was leaving and he stopped her and said, "que vous êtes jolie, que vous me semblez belle!". Rose Divine answered wisely, "apprenez que tout flatteur vit aux dépens de celui qui l'écoute!" The third prince upon hearing Rose Divine's response passed by her without saying anything to her. Thirteen more princes came over to Rose Divine and she did not like any of them. This was definitely a château of action because all day long she saw sixteen princes who left the château, went out and returned. She never saw the seventeenth prince. He never left or returned because he just stayed in the château! Where could he be? When you have a verb of action in the passé composé, Use a form of être to help it on it's way! She finally noticed a staircase that the sixteen princes never went up or down. Rose Divine decided to go up the stairs to see what was there. She went up very quietly and she opened the door at the top of the stairs. And there he was the seventeenth prince. As soon as she saw him she fell in love. For seventeen days Rose Divine went up and down the stairs to see her handsome prince. He never told her that she was pretty and he never told her that he loved her, but deep in her heart she knew it was meant to be. When you have a verb of action in the passé composé, Use a form of être to help it on it's way! "But maman, qu'est-ce qui s'est passé à la fin?," questions Danielle. The mother answers, "what happened at the end was that when Rose Divine came back on the seventeenth day the prince married her and she became Princess Rose Divine Vandertrammp. He called her Lady R.D.They stayed in the Château d'être and they lived happily ever after. And when your great great grand-mère died, she was very very happy because all her wishes had come to be. When you have a verb of action in the passé composé, Use a form of être to help it on it's way!
17  Princess Verbs:

Partir to leave Rester to stay Sortir to go out Revenir to come back Devenir to become Venir to come Aller to go Naître to be born Descendre to go down Entrer to enter Retourner to return Tomber to fall Rentrer to return Arriver to arrive Monter to go up Mourir to die Passer to pass by

Le passé composé with être verbs:

Use the present tense of être plus the past participle of the Princess verbs above to form the passé composé of être verbs. Remember that the past participle agrees with the subject of the sentence.

On a separate piece of paper, write out 17 sentences in French using the 17 different bold verbs from the story.

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